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ZUIG -  General partner and major sponsor
ZUIG is a leading Chinese asset management company with RMB 5billion evergreen capital established in April 2015. ZUIG has 25 investment professionals based in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It is financially backed by a consortium of the world’s largest bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), and eight leading Zhejiang-based industrial conglomerates: CHINT Group; FuTong Group; GreatStar Holding Group; Wolong Holding Group; Wanfeng Auto Holding Group; Aux Group; Sunon Group; and, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group. The shareholders of ZUIG are leading companies in the respective industries of industrial electrification; clean tech and renewable energy; tele-communication; machinery; industrial automation; auto components; general aviation; furniture and home appliances; waste-to-energy management; healthcare; and, financial services.
ZUIG primarily focuses on investment opportunities in advanced manufacturing/industrial, healthcare, renewable energy and clean tech and financial services. ZUIG, jointly with its affiliated funds and external sponsors, implement both buyout and significant minority investment models. ZUIG, with potential synergy from its shareholders and investment track record, is providing value-added services to the portfolio companies in long term.