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Zhejiang SilkRoad Fund (ZSF) is an affiliated private equity fund of Zhejiang United Investment Group (ZUIG), with RMB 5 billion in assets under management. Conceived by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, ZSF is managed by ZUIG and seeks to make market-based cross-border investments under the “One Belt One Road” strategic guidance. ZSF investors include ZUIG as well as provincial state-owned enterprises, commercial banks, and Fund-of-Funds.


ZSF’s investments span a wide range of industries, including but not limited to, technology, industrials, healthcare, renewable energy and consumer.


The mission of ZSF is to promote cross-border investments in the SilkRoad regions and to facilitate the globalization of Zhejiang corporations. ZSF strives to achieve superior investment performance by fully leveraging its deep industry knowledge and strong support from provincial government.